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Introducing Singapore Ambulance Association

We are a registered Emergency Ambulance Provider, equipped to manage both medical and trauma emergencies


Safety is our top priority.

Our team of medical professionals of Doctors, Paramedics & Nurses understands that behind each call is a person with urgent medical assistance.

We are committed to attend all kinds of emergencies, round the clock, daily, to provide the highest standards of Emergency Medical Care.

Established Medical Provider for Events

No scale is too big, no event is too small.
Our medical staff, ambulance crew & doctors are trained and our medical command post shall be equipped.

Corporate Partners

SAA stands behind every event and guarantees the service we provide. Our client best interest and maintaining of trust and friendship is the guiding principal of our work.

Transportation Services

Each SAA Ambulance is equipped with well establish clinical protocols governed by our team of doctors and affiliated specialists.

Our Paramedics are able to initiate the protocol independently, reducing pain and increasing the chances of survival.


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